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Washington and Oregon Tour Operator Services and Information


The right Washington and Oregon Tour Operator makes a difference

The owners of One Red Shoe Tours are your escorted tour directors and escorted tour operator for Washington and Oregon destinations. If you wish to have a very active segment during your escorted tour, we have specialty escorted tour guides who are expert, trained and experienced in specialty areas such as Washington and Oregon rock climbing, whitewater rafting, overnight backpacking tours, hiking tours, mountain bike tours, and other strenuous adventure escorted tour segments in Washington and Oregon.

Tour Operator Service Area and Transport - escorted tour of Washington and Oregon

As your tour operator, we offer our clients an escorted tour of the Washington and Oregon. We cover most western areas for an Oregon escorted tour or a Washington escorted tour. Visit our Destinations page for a full description. An escorted tour in Oregon or Washington will involve transport by Mercedes M Class SUV or BMW 5 series sedan or transport by mini van or mini tour coach for small groups.

About our escorted tour service

One Red Shoe Tours is owned and operated by friends who have a love of travel. Through our own travel and escorted tour experiences, we came to understand that discriminating travelers appreciate a private, escorted, tailor made tour operator. If you have ever experienced an over-large organized escorted tour with crowded busloads of people and no schedule flexibility, then you know what we mean. We believe a tour operator in Washington and Oregon can deliver the best service somewhere between a rigid and gigantic tour operator for the masses and a hassle-ridden, do it yourself alternative that squanders precious time. You remember the nursery tale of the three bears. Not too big and not too small, our tour operator and tour guide company is scaled and focused for individual attention to our clients. We believe the focus of One Red Shoe Tours is just right. We think you will too.

How to Book an escorted tour

To inquire about an escorted tour of Washington and Oregon, contact us as follows: Email

Prices and Terms

Each escorted tour of Washington and Oregon is customized to your needs, preferences and timeframe. We then give you a quotation. The quotation is composed of 2 parts: base pricing and value added pricing. Base prices are generally on the basis of per vehicle per hour. Added value prices are on the basis of purchases (e.g. event fees), services, venue fees and permits, lodging, etc. We have an array of suggested itineraries with base pricing that may be used as a starting point.

A 25% - multiday - or 50% - one day or less - tour deposit is required. The balance is due on the day of the tour but we prefer payment beforehand. We accept Visa, MasterCard, money orders, and other guaranteed funds. Should you cancel, 10% of the quoted tour price, plus any non-refundable costs to third parties, will be withheld as a cancellation fee in order to recoup some of our planning costs. The deposit balance will be refunded promptly.

Persons under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult. We are not responsible for things beyond our control such as lost articles, inclement weather or unexpected closed venues.

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